Streamlined Scheduling: GoHighLevel’s Service Calendar Solution

A Customized Service Calendar streamlines the scheduling procedures for service-oriented enterprises. Within this specialized calendar system, users can outline various services offered, categorize them accordingly, and present them in a unified scheduling interface known as the Service Menu.

These calendars seamlessly sync with your staff’s availability, enabling you to manage team members, allocate services to designated groups, define service durations, and facilitate customer payments seamlessly throughout the booking process.

How to Enable Service Calendars?

  1. Go to Calendar Settings.
  2. Click on “Preferences.”
  3. Under “In-App Preferences,” toggle the “Service Menu” option to turn it on.
  4. You will now see “Service Calendar” under “Create New Calendar”

Note: Only agency admins can access this setting

How to create Service Calendars?

Step 1: Navigate to Calendar Settings and Input the Essentials

  • Start by logging in to your sub-account > Go to Calendars > Calendar Settings
  • Within the Calendars Tab, click “Create Calendar,” then choose the “Service Calendar” option.
  • Input the Essentials: Provide the necessary information for your service calendar such as:
  • Calendar Name: Give your calendar a descriptive name.
  • Calendar Description: Add a brief description to help users understand the purpose of the calendar.
  • Staff Assignment and URL: Select the staff members who will be assigned to the service you’re creating the calendar for. Additionally, define a calendar slug or URL that will determine the link to your calendar.
  • Duration: Specify the duration of your service
  • You can customize your service calendar further with Advanced Options. Simply click on Advanced Settings Button

Step 2: Service Details

  • Upload your Service Logo – This is the image that will appear on the Appointment Booking Widget for your Service Calendar

Note: Service Logo will be visible only for the appointment widget of a single service calendar. For Service Menu / Groups, Service Cover Image should be used.

  • Link to Service Menu: If you intend to add this Service Calendar to your Service Menu (where all your services are showcased on one page), ensure you select a group for the calendar. Think of a group as a way to categorize similar services together. For example, you could create a group named “HAIR” and assign service calendars like “Hair Cut,” “Hair Spa,” and “Hair Coloring” to it.

Note: Service Calendars can be used in a Service Menu as well as in a Group

  • You can also customize your Appointment Invite Title. This is the title for the Calendar event that shows in Google Calendar, Outlook, Apple Calendar, etc
  • Event Color – Choose the event color that you would like to assign to this calendar. Remember, colors get synced to events in Google Calendars.

Service Calendars are primarily meant to cater to physical services; hence, we do not support the addition of any Meeting Location including Zoom / Google Meet in a service calendar.

Step 3: Availability

  • Appointment Duration: Set the length of each appointment.
  • Post Buffer time: Add extra time after appointments for preparation or transition.
  • Minimum Scheduling Notice: Set the required advance notice for appointment bookings, specifying how many hours or days before an appointment should the booking be closed.
  • Date Range: Define how many days into the future appointments can be booked.

Note: The slot interval in the Service Calendar is set to 15 minutes by default and cannot be altered

Step 4: Forms & Payments

  • Forms – You have the flexibility to choose how you gather client information. You can either opt for the default form, which collects standard details like Name, Email, and Phone number, or create a custom form tailored to your specific needs. To use a custom form, create it in Sites > Forms > Builder, and then select it from the dropdown menu on the calendar. You can also:
    – Toggle the consent checkbox on/off.
    – Customize the consent message.

Note: Custom forms will only apply to bookings made directly on a Service Calendar. For bookings made through the Service Menu, default forms will be used.

  • Confirmation Page – After an appointment is booked, you can decide how you’d like to present the confirmation to the user. You can choose between displaying a thank you message on the same page or redirecting the user to a specific URL of your choice.
  • Payments – If you want to accept payments for bookings, ensure that your payment gateway is integrated. Once set up, you can specify the payment amount and start collecting payments. It’s important to note that payments are only applicable to the main attendee and not for guests.

Step 5: Notifications, Additional Options & Customizations

  • Notifications: You can select who should receive appointment notifications, and whether to allow Google to send invitations or update emails to attendees. You can also determine whether contacts should be assigned to their respective staff member each time an appointment is booked.
  • Customizations – Service Cover Image: In this section, upload a service cover image that will be displayed in the service menu. This image will be visible in the Neo Group Widget.
  • Customizations – Additional Notes: Anything entered here will be included in the Google invitation. Please ensure that “Allow Google Calendar to Send Invitations” is enabled from ‘Notifications’ settings for this feature to work.

Step 6: Rooms & Equipments

  • You can select from a list of rooms and equipments that have been created. This will associate the selected rooms / equipments with the service calendar and will be booked along with this calendar.

  • Finally, click on save and Voila, your Service Calendar is ready to be booked!

Key Points of Note:

  1. This calendar empowers contacts to book various services either individually or for multiple participants, including themselves and their companions.
  1. Operating on a default 15-minute slot setup, the calendar ensures smooth scheduling. While this interval remains fixed, you retain the flexibility to insert buffer periods between appointments, granting your team the necessary prep time for subsequent clients.
  1. Notably, the service calendar’s availability aligns directly with the assigned staff members’ schedules. Consequently, there’s no provision to adjust Calendar Availability independently. The calendar solely considers the availability of its designated staff members. If a staff member is unavailable at a specific time, the calendar will reflect this unavailability.
  1. Should you desire to showcase various services under a single scheduling link (The Service Menu), it’s crucial to first establish the desired groups, then create corresponding service calendars and assign them accordingly, before finalizing your Service Menu.

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