Setting Up Recurring Appointments in the GoHighLevel Calendar: A Step-by-Step Guide

Recurring appointments refer to scheduled meetings or events that repeat at consistent intervals, whether daily, weekly, or monthly. Employing recurring appointments within calendars is an efficient way to streamline scheduling efforts and save time. Rather than creating separate appointments for each instance, setting up a recurring appointment allows for multiple occurrences to be covered with just one setup. This functionality proves invaluable for regularly scheduled commitments like weekly team meetings or monthly reviews, enhancing organizational efficiency.

What steps are involved in establishing a Calendar for Recurring Appointments?

Click on Settings

Click on Calendars

Click on Create Calendar

Click on Select Under Round Robin Booking

Please Note:

Recurring appointments are supported across all calendar types. However, if you opt for Round-robin, it’s important to note that only one user or team member can be assigned to the calendar at a time.

In the Availability Tab, Toggle on Recurring Appointments:

After activating Recurring Appointments, access the recurring appointments settings to customize them according to your specific needs and preferences.

Please note:

There’s a restriction on the “times to repeat” field, allowing events to be repeated for a maximum of 24 times.

You have three options in the If slots are not available dropdown:

In essence, this implies that if the intended slot is already reserved for another appointment or event, the user will have the following choices:

Continue Booking

Within the dropdown menu labeled “If slots are unavailable,” selecting “Continue Booking” prompts an additional dropdown query regarding actions to take in the event of double bookings.

Choosing Continue Booking means you are allowing the calendar to double-book the slot.

Skip booking Unavailable slots.

That simply means book ONLY the available slots and ignore the rest.

Book Next Available Slot

That simply means to book the reoccurrences irrespective of how far out in the future the calendar needs to scout for the available slots.

Please Note:

We assess availability for up to the next three slots; if unavailable, the booking is dropped. If slots are available, we proceed with completing all recurrences. Users must exercise caution when choosing the recurring booking option, distinguishing between booking next, skipping, or continuing bookings.

Recurring appointments are limited to standard slots; for custom slots, the recurring booking option is unavailable. Recurring appointments cannot be booked from the opportunities page. While recurring calendars are accessible from the dropdown menu, they are only available for single time slots.


Will the already existing workflow trigger steps for Recurring appointments?

No, they won’t. We have added some new filters for the Appointment Trigger steps. So all your configured triggers will need a new filter to be added for your Workflow Trigger Steps. 

We added a new Event Type Filter in the appointment trigger step, so now you can control the workflow triggers that can fire for the type of your appointments. You would choose Recurring as the Event type if you want the Workflow Trigger to only fire off for Recurring Appointments.

For all the existing Appointment Status triggers in your account, we have added a new Filter by default, and the Filter is Event Type: Normal.  It does not fire off for Recurring Appointments.

Event Type: Normal

So if you select this filter, the normal appointments (which aren’t recurring) and all your existing non-recurring appointments would be considered normal. If you select this, then it would work the same as how it is working now. 

Event Type: Recurring

If you select this filter, then the trigger would fire only for the appointments that got booked in Calendars that had the recurring appointment settings turned On. 

Event Type: Any

If you select this filter, then the trigger would fire for any type of appointment. 

Please Note:

We are deprecating Customer Booked Appointment Trigger.So now, if you select the Modified By Filter: 

Customer: This filter operates similarly to the Customer Booked Appointment feature. When enabled, it ensures that only appointments initiated by customers—specifically, those booked through the widget—will trigger this function.

User: All the appointments that are booked inside the system or any other source other than the appointments that booked from the widget would fire the appointment. 

API: Works only for appointments created via API.

Can users bulk update Appointments?

Users cannot bulk update Recurring appointments (cancel or reschedule).

Can the same meeting location be used for all recurring appointments?

If the meeting location is zoom or google meet, All recurring appointments will have different meeting URLs as the system generates a dynamic meeting URL for each meeting by default.

How do the recurring events get synced over to integrated calendars?

If sync is turned on – events are synced as individual events with the third-party calendars.

How can payments be charged for Recurring appointments?

Payments are currently unavailable for calendars with recurring turns on.

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