In the rapidly evolving world of digital marketing, finding effective tools to streamline processes and drive revenue is crucial for social media marketing agencies (SMMA’s) and software-as-a-service (SaaS) agencies. GoHighLevel’s plugin, UpHex, aims to assist SMMA’s and SaaS agencies in increasing revenue and client retention through self-service Facebook ads. In this review, we will explore the features and benefits of UpHex and evaluate its effectiveness in achieving these goals.

User-Friendly Interface: UpHex impresses with its user-friendly interface, making it accessible to both seasoned marketers and newcomers. The plugin integrates seamlessly with GoHighLevel’s existing platform, providing a unified and streamlined experience for users. Its intuitive design and well-organized layout allow for efficient campaign management and easy navigation through key features, resulting in a smooth workflow.

Simplified Facebook Ad Management: One of UpHex’s main strengths is its ability to simplify and optimize the management of Facebook ad campaigns. Through its integration with the Facebook Ads API, the plugin provides comprehensive control over campaign creation, targeting, optimization, and reporting. With UpHex, SMMA’s and SaaS agencies can easily launch and monitor multiple campaigns simultaneously, saving valuable time and effort.


Advanced Analytics and Reporting: Effective campaign management requires accurate data and insights. UpHex delivers on this front by offering advanced analytics and reporting capabilities. The plugin provides real-time data on key metrics, such as ad performance, audience engagement, and conversion rates. This data empowers agencies to make data-driven decisions, optimize campaigns, and identify areas for improvement, ultimately driving better results for their clients.

Client Self-Service Portal: UpHex introduces a unique feature: a self-service portal for clients. This portal allows agency clients to access their campaign data and performance metrics, fostering transparency and building trust. By granting clients direct access to their Facebook ad campaigns, SMMA’s and SaaS agencies can enhance client satisfaction and retention. The self-service portal also reduces the need for frequent client inquiries, saving agencies valuable time and resources.

Automation and Scaling Capabilities: For agencies looking to scale their operations, UpHex offers automation features that can significantly improve efficiency. The plugin enables automated ad creation, targeting, and optimization based on predefined rules, freeing up time for agencies to focus on higher-level strategy and client relationship management. This automation also facilitates the management of larger client portfolios and helps agencies scale their business without compromising quality.

Room for Improvement: While UpHex is a powerful tool for SMMA’s and SaaS agencies, it does have a few areas for improvement. Currently, the plugin is limited to Facebook ads only, which may limit its appeal for agencies utilizing other advertising platforms. Additionally, while the user interface is generally intuitive, some users may require additional guidance or tutorials to fully utilize the plugin’s advanced features.

Conclusion: GoHighLevel’s UpHex plugin offers a comprehensive solution for SMMA’s and SaaS agencies looking to increase revenue and enhance client retention through self-service Facebook ads. With its user-friendly interface, simplified ad management, advanced analytics, and client self-service portal, UpHex empowers agencies to streamline their workflows, drive better results, and deliver an enhanced client experience. While there is room for improvement in terms of platform diversification and additional user guidance, UpHex remains a valuable asset for agencies seeking to optimize their Facebook ad campaigns and grow their business.

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