Navigating Google Booking Redirects with GoHighLevel

What is Booking Redirect?

Google Organic Booking, also known as Google Booking Redirect, epitomizes the effortless process whereby clientele discover and reserve services straight from a company’s Google My Business (GMB) listing, sans reliance on third-party booking portals or paid promotions. As users scout for particular services or businesses via Google, and if said business has activated booking functionality within their GMB profile, patrons can seamlessly schedule appointments or services directly from the search results or the business’s Google Maps listing.

This functionality streamlines the booking journey for prospective clients, presenting a user-friendly avenue for scheduling appointments without navigating to the business’s website or utilizing external booking platforms. Google Organic Booking serves as a catalyst for businesses to allure and convert local clientele, offering a frictionless booking experience directly through Google search.

Who is this applicable for?

This feature can be used by users who have businesses in the following countries:

Following are the Business verticals this is applicable for with some exclusions

What do you need?

  • You must have a Google Business Profile for this feature
  • Business should be in United States

Uploading Feeds

Go to Calendars Settings > Connections > Organic Booking Redirect 

Step 1: Primary Action Feed (Book Online Button)

  1. Create a Booking Page:
    • Set up a Service Menu or a Group of services. This detailed view helps customers choose services easily.
  2. Upload the Primary Action Feed:
    • This link enables customers to directly book services. Ensure it’s active and user-friendly.

The Primary Feed action link would be added to the Book Online button as shown in the below example

Step 2: Individual Service Booking

  1. List Your Services:
    • Any calendar which you have created can be used here which would show up under the services tab on Google
  2. Upload Individual Service Feeds:
    • If you want certain calendars (services) to be shown you can select those Calendars in the Individual Service Booking dropdown. 

Ensure the Calendars have Description: 

Kindly make sure that the chosen calendars come with concise descriptions that align with their respective names or services. This step is essential for successful validation on Google’s platform. Typically, it takes about 1-2 weeks for the feeds and profiles to undergo initial verification. The calendars you upload onto the service feed will be displayed on Google in a manner akin to the example provided below.

Tips for Success:

  • Clear Descriptions: Make sure your services and calendars have clear, concise descriptions that match their names.
  • Link Accuracy: Please ensure that you are selecting only service menu or group in the Primary Action Feed and Individual calendars Service Links
  • Regular Updates: Keep your information current. Update your offerings and descriptions as needed for accuracy.

How to Disable Integration?

Users can easily deactivate Google Organic Booking by toggling a switch in Calendar Settings. When this integration is turned off, the system abstains from transmitting any data to Google. As a result, potential customers won’t be able to explore or book services directly from a business’s Google My Business (GMB) listing.

To disable the integration:

  • Navigate to Calendar Settings > Connections Tab
  • In the Account Connections tab, locate the Google Organic Booking section.
  • Toggle the switch to disable Google Organic Booking.

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