How to create Rooms in Calendar within GoHighLevel

1. Access Calendar Settings and Enable Rooms:

  • Go to your account and navigate to Calendars > Calendar Settings.
  • Under Preferences > In App Preferences, toggle on Rooms and Equipments.

2. Create a Room:

  • Once you’ve enabled the feature, a new ‘Rooms’ tab will appear.
  • Under the ‘Rooms’ tab > Click on Create Room

3. Provide Room Details:

  • To create a room, enter the following information:
    • Room Name: Assign a unique name to the room.
    • Description: Briefly describe the room’s purpose.
    • Room Capacity: Specify the maximum number of appointments that can be scheduled in the room simultaneously. This determines how many bookings can overlap in the same room.

4. Associate Calendars:

  • Select the calendars that are associated with this room. Whenever an appointment is booked on any of the associated calendars, the room will also be booked automatically.
  • As an illustration, consider a scenario where you manage two service schedules, like ‘Body Massage’ and ‘Head Massage,’ both linked to a common space labeled ‘The Massage Room.’ Setting a room capacity of 2 implies that two appointments can occur concurrently.
  • If a time slot is booked on one calendar, users retain the flexibility to schedule another appointment for the same time in either calendar. Yet, when two appointments are already confirmed, no slots remain open. This approach factors in both user and room availability, guaranteeing streamlined scheduling.

By following these steps, you can efficiently create and configure rooms in your scheduling system. This ensures a seamless booking process and effective resource allocation.

Additional Information

1. Rooms and Equipment Details:

  • Discover the intricate particulars of your rooms and equipment right from the appointment modal’s detailed view.
  • This enhancement guarantees effortless recognition of the designated room for each appointment and the equipment scheduled or in use alongside it.
  • Such functionality streamlines appointment management, offering enhanced clarity and efficiency.

2. Room Selection for Service Calendars

  • In the in-app appointment modal, for service calendar appointments, we have introduced a room dropdown option during the appointment creation or booking process.
  • This empowers you to choose the specific room you want to book alongside your appointment. It offers greater flexibility and control over the booking process.
  • With this process, you can effortlessly allocate the right room for your appointments, ensuring optimal resource utilization.

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