Automating One-Time Link Generation with GoHighLevel’s Workflow Actions

Understanding One-Time Links

A singular scheduling link, known as a one-time link, possesses a distinct quality of self-expiration upon its usage for booking. By employing the ‘Generate One-Time Booking Link’ feature, users can seamlessly integrate the creation of such links into their workflow with ease.

Key Benefits of Integrating One-Time Links into Your Workflow

  • Effortless Scheduling: Say goodbye to the laborious task of creating links manually. Our streamlined approach ensures scheduling is smooth and error-free every time.
  • Adaptable Workflow Integration: Seamlessly integrates into a variety of workflows, catering to unique needs and becoming an essential tool for diverse scheduling situations.
  • Improved Booking Control: Revolutionize your booking management with our dynamic and flexible system, empowering users with enhanced control and adaptability.

How to Generate Dynamic One-Time Links

For effortlessly creating dynamic One-Time Links within your workflow, just adhere to these straightforward instructions:

1. Create a Workflow: Begin by crafting a customized workflow within your account. Establish the trigger that sets the workflow in motion, tailored precisely to your requirements.

2. Add the ‘Generate One-Time Booking Link’ Action: Enhance your workflow by incorporating an action. Simply go to the ‘Appointments’ section and opt for ‘Generate a Single-Use Booking Link.’

3. Choose the calendar for which you want to generate the one-time link.

4. Share the Generated Link: Incorporate a communication action, such as email, into your workflow to easily share the link with your contacts.

5. Add the Custom Value: Incorporate the distinct one-time link, which dynamically generates upon each trigger activation, into the email content via a custom value insertion. Opt for ‘Generate One-Time Booking Link’ and then select ‘One-Time Link’ for seamless integration.

6. Customize Email Body: Customize the email body as needed and click ‘Save.’

7. Publish Workflow: After configuring your workflow, activate it. From then on, whenever a contact meets the specified condition to trigger the workflow, a distinct one-time link will automatically be created and dispatched to them via email.

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