Securing Bookings: Accept Deposits via Calendar in GoHighLevel

Providing bookers with the option of partial payments enables them to confirm their bookings by paying a deposit upfront, while the remaining balance can be settled later. In addition to accepting full payments, businesses can now also collect deposit amounts from bookers, seamlessly integrated across all calendar types to facilitate seat reservations.

This innovative feature grants users the freedom to specify either a fixed amount or a percentage of the total booking cost to be charged upfront, enhancing flexibility and convenience for both businesses and their customers.

Impact of Partial Payment on Transactions & Invoices

When partial payments are enabled, two entries appear in payments:

  • Transaction: The amount charged during booking (Deposit Amount).
  • Invoices: The pending amount to be collected from the booker (Total Amount – Deposit Amount). The invoice status remains in draft, and users are required to manually collect the pending amount.

How to Use Partial Payment?

1. Integrate Payment Gateway: Ensure that you have integrated a payment gateway such as Stripe or Authorize.net. (Payments Module > Integrations)

2. Enable Payment: Enable the “Accept Payments” toggle for the calendar from Calendar Settings > Forms & Payments section.

3. Enter Total Amount and Currency: Specify the total amount for your service or appointment and select the desired currency.

4. Activate Partial Payment Option: Check the “Accept Partial Payment” box.

5. Select Amount Type: Choose whether to add a Flat Amount or a percentage. The percentage is calculated based on the total amount.

6. Enter Deposit Amount / Percentage: Specify the deposit amount / deposit percentage for your service or appointment. The percentage is calculated based on the total amount entered.

7. Add Description: Provide additional context by entering a description if needed.

8. Save Settings: Click on save to apply the changes.

Key Benefits

This functionality empowers businesses to gather deposit funds, thereby minimizing instances of no-shows. By presenting the complete appointment/service cost but allowing customers to pay only a deposit, businesses elevate user satisfaction without enforcing upfront payments.


Q: Which calendar type supports partial payments?

A: Partial payments can be enabled for all calendar types – Event, Round Robin, Collective, Class, Service Calendar and Service Menu.

Q: How do I manage pending payments?

A: Pending payments can be managed manually through the Payments > Invoices tab. Users can view the pending amount and collect it from the booker accordingly.

Q: Will bookers receive a notification about pending payments?

A: No, bookers will not be notified about pending payments. However, the staff members can check the pending amount under Payments > Invoices.

Q: Which payment gateways are supported for calendar payments?

A: Currently, the supported payment gateways for calendar payments are Stripe and Authorize.net. 

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