Maximizing Resolution Time Efficiency: Tips for Obtaining Swift Support Solutions for GoHighLevel

Accelerating Support Resolution: Strategies for Expedited Assistance

We understand the frustration of seeking assistance and experiencing delays in response time. 

To ensure you receive the swiftest resolution possible for your support requests, we have compiled a list of hacks and tips below. Following these recommendations and clearly and concisely describing your issue, our agents can quickly comprehend and address your concerns. 

This streamlined process aims to enhance your overall experience and minimize unnecessary delays. We value your time and the importance of your business, so help us help you by providing accurate and comprehensive details from the outset.

Expert Tips for Speedy Resolution Time: What Details to Provide

  1. Replicate the Issue: When you encounter an issue, take the time to recreate it from the beginning. Go through the steps, setup, and process slowly. It’s helpful to document this process, as it will be the first troubleshooting step our support team undertakes.
  1. Utilize Screen Recording: Consider using a free screen recording software like Loom. We highly recommend Loom for its versatility and ease of use. Instead of writing a lengthy description, you can record your screen, replicate the issue, and provide a verbal explanation. Simply share the recording link in your support request. This approach saves considerable time for both you and our support team.
  1. Explain the Entire Context: Besides replicating the issue, providing context surrounding what occurs before and after the problem arises is essential. Include details about the setup, logic, and any workflows triggered before the issue.
  1. Include Specifics: To help us pinpoint the problem swiftly, provide specific information such as location IDs, workflow names, funnel names, and relevant examples. Copy the direct link from your URL within the particular workflow or on the appropriate funnel step when possible. If you have IDs available, include them. Additionally, reference specific names of workflows, calendars, users, or any other components involved. Examples and references to affected contacts or data will further assist us in identifying and resolving the issue efficiently.

Factors that may delay the resolution time:

  • Generating multiple tickets for the same problem
  • Submitting duplicate keys from different agents or users using separate email addresses

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