How To Use Text 2 Pay for GoHighLevel

How To Use Text 2 Pay

You can send a payment link to a contact using the “text 2 pay” feature so they can pay you for goods or services. Either the Discussions tab or a specific contact record can be used for this. There will be a button on the available link that they may use to pay you right away. This method of processing payments is excellent and practical. To use the “text 2 pay” feature, simply follow the procedures listed below.

Step 1: Verify that your Stripe account is connected.

  • Click on Payments.
  • Use Stripe Connect or add your Stripe Secret key. (The preferred solution for security is Stripe Connect.)
  • To see if your Stripe account is already connected, go to Settings > Integrations.

Step 2: Create the invoice link.

  • To access a contact, you can either go to the Conversations section and select a contact or go to the Contacts section and open a contact’s record.
  • Inside the messaging area, you will come across a tiny symbol that resembles a round shape with the dollar symbol in it.
  • A popup window will appear that looks like this:
  • You can add an item, with a name and cost.
  • Click the plus sign to add additional items, or the trashcan icon to delete any you wish to remove.
  • You’ll see the total added up under the list of items.
  • The invoice number will be automatically generated.
  • Next, choose a link expiration date.
    • NOTE: The link will expire at midnight.
  • Click Save to confirm your changes.

Step 3: Send the SMS message.

  • The link will now be created in the SMS draft.
  • Add any additional text you wish to include.
  • Send your message.

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