Loop Lockouts for GoHighLevel

Loop Lockouts

Occasionally, you may unintentionally create a loop in your system by linking two actions or by having an action feed back into itself repeatedly. This can result in a never-ending loop of actions that can cause system slowdowns and other problems. To address this issue, we have introduced a Loop Lock feature that detects and prevents such loops from occurring. This is primarily done to avoid unintentional system issues caused by loops.

Once a Campaign, Trigger, or Workflow reaches 50 starts or action executions for a single contact within a span of 30 minutes, it will be placed under the “Loop Lock” feature. This means that if a contact record is added to the same Campaign or Workflow 50 times within a 29-minute timeframe, the Loop Lock will be automatically activated. An error code resembling the following will be displayed at the top of your screen:

In case you encounter a Loop error, you can seek assistance from our Support team, who can help you investigate the Campaign, Trigger, or Workflow and guide you on how to resolve the Loop and unlock it.

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