Overview of the Workflow Builder in GoHighLevel

To begin, navigate to the Automation section and click on Workflows. From there, select the option to create a new workflow by clicking the +Create Workflow button. Next, start the workflow from Scratch and proceed by clicking on Continue.


Default Settings

  1. Time Window

The timeframe for sending outgoing messages within your workflow is restricted to a specific window. This feature proves beneficial in preventing individuals from receiving text messages during late hours. You can construct your preferred window based on the day of the week and the designated time frame.

Allow Multiple

Enabling this option permits a single contact to pass through the workflow multiple times. However, if this option is disabled, contacts can only enter the workflow once. In such cases, if the trigger attempts to add them for a second time, no action will be taken.

Stop on Response

If a contact in this workflow responds to any of the sent messages or schedules an appointment, the remaining part of the workflow will be terminated. This feature is particularly beneficial for nurture campaigns as it prevents the possibility of repeatedly urging someone to act, such as “booking an appointment,” when they have already done so. This ensures that contacts are not annoyed by redundant requests.

Auto Mark as Read 

By default, outbound messages from the workflow are displayed in the Recents tab of conversations. However, if you prefer these messages to bypass the “Recents” tab and directly appear in the All tab, you can enable the Auto Mark as Read option.

Event Start Date

This feature is handy when organizing a webinar or any event scheduled for a future date. It allows you to send appointment reminders leading to the event, ensuring timely communication with participants.


The Status tab provides a comprehensive overview of all individuals who have gone through this workflow, including their current progress. It displays information such as the workflow status, their current step, and the subsequent execution or action to be taken.

Execution Log

This feature presents a detailed overview of a specific contact’s journey within the workflow since their addition. It provides:

  • A chronological view.
  • Starting from the bottom and moving upward.
  • Showcasing every action and event that has occurred since their entry.

Additionally, by clicking on the clipboard icon, you can access more detailed information about the contact’s status and the specific events that have taken place.


The workflow allows for a comprehensive view of the complete history of every event that has been triggered. Similar to the functionality in the Status tab, clicking on the clipboard icon provides more detailed information. Additionally, by accessing the execution log, you can review all the events that have been fired from a specific contact since their addition to the workflow. This log provides a detailed record of the contact’s interactions and actions within the workflow.


By clicking the + button and searching for the desired action, you can add any action you want. Additional actions can be found by scrolling down.

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