Split Action on Workflow in GoHighLevel

What is Split Action?

Introducing Split Action—an ingenious solution crafted to elevate your marketing and sales automation endeavors. Split offers you the flexibility to venture into various pathways within your workflows, assess their effectiveness, and refine your engagement tactics for maximum impact.

What are the different types of Split Action?

  • Random Split

How to use the Split Action?

Random Split

Purpose: Split your contacts into diverse channels through a randomized allocation according to the chosen percentage, enabling you to experiment with various iterations of your process and pinpoint the most effective approach.


  • Random Split: Send contacts to different paths with percentages you define (e.g., 60% to Path A, 40% to Path B).
  • Multiple Paths: Create up to 5 separate paths for your contacts to follow.
  • Customizable Path Names: Rename each path to clearly identify its purpose.
  • Stats Tracking: View detailed statistics on the number of contacts entering and completing each path, as well as their goal conversions.

Getting Started:

  1. Add the Split action to your workflow by clicking on the “+” icon to add an action and selecting “Split” from the “Internal Tools” category.

      2. The Split action screen will open.

      3. Choose “Random Split” from the Distribution Type dropdown.

      4. Customize your paths:

  • Change the default “Path A” and “Path B” names to your desired variations.
  • Set the percentage of contacts you want to send to each path (total must equal 100%).

   5. Add up to 5 paths and remove a path by clicking on “X” icon next to the path you want to delete.

   6. Click on the “Statistics” icon to check how many contacts have entered which path.

7. Stats will also be visible in the workflow if the “Stats View” is tuned on.

Example for Random Split

The allocation in a random split mirrors the unpredictability of rolling dice. Consider this scenario: you have 100 customers entering a workflow. You’ve implemented a Random Split featuring two routes: Path A and Path B, each with a 50% probability of customer assignment. This split operates akin to tossing a coin: both paths hold an even likelihood of selection for every customer.

Here’s how the distribution might look:

  • Customer 1: Flips heads, goes to Path A.
  • Customer 2: Flips tails, goes to Path A (again).
  • Customer 3: Flips heads, goes to Path B.
  • Customer 4: Flips tails, goes to Path B (again).
  • Customer 5:  Flips tails, goes to Path B (again).
  • Customer 6:  Flips tails, goes to Path A.

This pattern continues randomly, with each customer having a chance of going to either path, regardless of previous choices.

4. Use Cases

Scenario: You’re an e-commerce store owner selling new running shoes. You have two email subject lines in mind: “Fuel Your Run with the Ultimate Shoe” and “Unleash Your Speed: Our Game-Changing Shoes.”

Solution: Use the Random Split action to divide your mailing list randomly (e.g., 75/25). Send 75% of the list the “Fuel Your Run” email and the other 25% to the “Unleash Your Speed” email. Track website visits, purchase rates, and other key metrics for each path.

Outcome: After a set period, analyze the results and see which subject line led to higher engagement and sales. Now, you have data-driven proof of the best performing message, which you can confidently apply to future campaigns.

5. Points to be noted

  • Once a contact heads down one path, that is their only path. If they re-enter they will not proceed down the other path they will always head down the original path.

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