How to use the Custom Webhook LC Premium Workflow Action within GoHighLevel

Introducing the LC Premium Action: Custom Webhook, a cutting-edge feature facilitating seamless real-time data transmission between your CRM and external services. Tailor your requests with diverse HTTP methods, custom authorization, headers, and query parameters. This intuitive tool optimizes workflows, ensuring precision while navigating API responses and server constraints.

Agencies on Any Plan  ($97, $970, $297, $2970, $497, $4970) can access LC Premium Triggers & Actions.

– Once Premium Actions & Triggers are enabled via the Agency settings, EXISTING and New Sub-Accounts will have 100 free executions.

– For agencies to avoid accruing execution costs for EXISTING Sub-Accounts, rebilling will need to be enabled manually for each Sub-Account within the Agency.

– If premium actions are enabled on the SaaS Configurator, new Sub-Accounts generated will automatically be enrolled in LC Premium Actions & Triggers, no further action is required by the agency.

What is the Custom Webhook LC Premium Workflow Action?

Experience the versatility of the LC Premium Action’s Custom Webhook, a dynamic tool facilitating seamless real-time communication between your CRM system and external services. Tailor data requests effortlessly, configuring various HTTP methods and authorization protocols to suit your requirements. Enhance precision with options for headers, query parameters, and custom value mapping, all designed to optimize your workflow structure. Utilize autocomplete suggestions and intuitive interfaces for smooth data exchange. While leveraging this feature, prioritize understanding API response success and server constraints to maintain workflow integrity and minimize disruptions.

Who is this feature useful for?

This feature is helpful for businesses and individuals who need to integrate their CRM systems with third-party services for seamless data exchange, automation, and enhanced functionality. It is particularly useful for marketers, developers, and IT professionals who want to streamline workflows, improve data consistency, and manage processes more efficiently across various platforms.

What are the benefits of this feature?

The benefits of the Custom Webhook – LC Premium Action feature include the following:

Seamless integration: Enables accessible communication between your CRM system and third-party services, improving data exchange and overall efficiency.

Flexibility: Supports various HTTP methods, authorization methods, headers, and query parameters, allowing you to create custom requests that suit your needs.

Time-saving: The user-friendly interface with autocomplete suggestions simplifies the data mapping and reduces manual effort.

Improved accuracy: Helps ensure data consistency and accuracy across different platforms, reducing errors and inconsistencies.

Real-time updates: Facilitates real-time notifications and updates, enhancing responsiveness and decision-making.

Workflow automation: Streamlines workflows by automating system data exchange, increasing productivity, and reducing manual tasks.

Scalability: Adaptable to various applications and industries, making it a valuable tool for businesses of different sizes and sectors.

How to use the Custom Webhook LC Premium Workflow Action?

Fill Url: 

You have the ability to send data requests to any URL of your choice without the need for coding or server operation.

Select a Method

You can choose any HTTP method that suits your needs, such as POST, GET, DELETE, or PUT.

Select Authorization Method

We support various types of authorization methods, allowing you to choose the one that suits your needs when accessing the webhook. 

Headers & Query Parameters:

In addition to sending a request body, our system allows you to include headers and query parameters when sending requests to a webhook.

Headers can be used to provide additional information about the request, such as authentication credentials, content type, and cache control. 

Query parameters, conversely, can be used to pass parameters to the webhook endpoint, allowing you to filter or modify the response data you receive.

Configure the data to be sent in the Custom Webhook:

Access the exclusive Custom Webhook premium feature, empowering you to effortlessly configure custom values within your preferred structure. Our intuitive textbox offers autocomplete suggestions for all your custom requirements, seamlessly integrating with inbound webhook variables for enhanced usability.

This feature simplifies the mapping process and saves time by suggesting potential values that match your input. Additionally, it helps ensure accuracy and consistency in your data mapping.

Important points to be considered:

  • Successful execution of the Custom Webhook Action depends on the successful response of the referenced API. Therefore, if errors are sent back, those will reflect on the Contact’s Workflow execution and cause the action to be Failed (and then skipped) or Retry with exponential backoffs. 
  • In addition to what was stated above in #1, make sure that the receiving server can handle the number of Executions that you are targeting, or else you might end up with errors due to limits being reached for server issues. The Custom Webhook Action will get fired as soon as the Contact reaches the step, so make sure to add Contacts into the Workflow with the receiving server’s limits in mind.

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