How To Create An Appointment Confirmation And Appointment Reminders Campaign in Workflows for GoHighLevel

How To Create An Appointment Confirmation And Appointment Reminders Campaign in Workflows

Appointment confirmation and reminder campaigns can be created within your Workflows, and used to confirm appointments and nurture the leads with reminders up until the appointment time. Follow these steps to get started:

Step 1: Create the Appointment Confirmation Workflow 

  • Navigate to Automations > Workflows
  • Click on “Create a Workflow”
  • Select “Start from scratch” > Click on “Create Workflow”. 
  • The window will open up the Workflow Builder.

Step 2: Customize the Workflow 

  • Within the builder, select a Workflow trigger as “Appointment” add in additional filters as shown below:
    • Filter for the calendar that you would like this workflow to trigger for
    • Filter for the appointment status, we recommend using confirmed
  • Add in a “Send Email” or “Send SMS” action to add a confirmation which will be sent to the lead/client, once the appointment has been confirmed.
  • Then, create the subsequent event(s)/ Actions, which will be your reminder(s). You can create as many as you’d like.
  • Using Wait steps before every action, you can set specific timeframes for the reminder(s) to go out.
    • For example, if you set up a wait step to send an email 24 hours before, it will fire off the action 24 hours before the scheduled appointment time. You can do this for both SMS and email reminders within the same workflow and using the same type of set-up. (It is common to do both an email and SMS reminder.)
  • Once you’re done making all your customizations and adding your actions, make sure to save the Workflow, and also ensure the Workflow is published.  

Pro Tips:

  • To ensure that a lead continues to get reminders, even if they reply to the  workflow email/sms, ensure that you toggle off the “Stop on response” in Workflow Settings.
  • This is necessary for a reminder campaign because even if a lead responds to confirm the appointment, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you will want to stop sending them the subsequent reminders. If a lead responds “looking forward to it!” or “see you then!” you wouldn’t want them to miss out on the subsequent reminders.

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