How to Customize posts for each socials in GoHighLevel

Transform your social media strategy with our innovative ‘Personalize for Every Post’ functionality. Adapt your content for various platforms, effortlessly surpassing character constraints, and efficiently oversee multiple campaigns within a single interface. Embrace unmatched versatility in tailoring distinct messages for each social network with just a simple switch.

What is the “Customize for Each Post” Feature?

Unlock the potential of the “Customize for Each Post” functionality—a groundbreaking tool empowering marketers, businesses, and individuals to craft and oversee personalized content across diverse social media platforms, all from a single interface. Delve into a comprehensive exploration of this feature’s capabilities here.

Multi-Platform Compatibility: This feature enables users to select multiple social media platforms (such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.) and customize the content according to the specific character limitations and requirements of each platform.

Content Customization: Recognizing the disparities in character limits among various social media channels, this feature allows for individualized content crafting. Whether you want a short message for Twitter or an extended post for Facebook, you can create both within the same interface.

Toggle Switch: A simple toggle switch allows users to switch between customized content for different channels and standardized content that applies across all selected platforms. This ensures flexibility in content creation and delivery.

AI Integration: The integration with Content AI means users can leverage artificial intelligence to generate content up to 900 words, adapting it to different content sizes (small, medium, and large) based on the type of social media being used.

Scheduling Capability: Not only can you create customized posts, but you can also schedule them for a later time, automating your social media management process.

Cost-Effective and Time-Efficient: This feature minimizes the effort needed to create separate posts for different platforms, saving time and resources and ensuring a cohesive yet customized marketing approach.

Usage Cases:

Tailoring Product Launch Announcements:
Usage Case: A tech company launching a new gadget wants to share the news across various social media platforms but recognizes the need to adapt the content according to each platform’s character limitations and audience preferences.

Example: For Twitter, they might create a concise 280-character teaser with a link to the full details, whereas on Facebook and LinkedIn, they can provide a more detailed 5,000-character post with specifications and introductory offers.

Managing Multi-Platform Promotions:

Usage Case: A retail business running a sale wants to promote it differently across channels to cater to the diverse customer base.

Example: On Instagram, they might focus on visually appealing images with 2,200 characters of engaging storytelling, while on GMB, they would include a 1,500-character post emphasizing location-based offers and in-store experience.

Crisis Communication and Public Relations:

Usage Case: A company facing public criticism must address the situation across multiple channels, considering each platform’s unique demographics and character limits.

Example: They could use LinkedIn for a detailed 3,000-character official statement, Twitter for quick updates and engagement, and Facebook for community support and feedback.

Content Repurposing for Engagement and SEO:

Usage Case: A digital marketing agency looking to repurpose blog content across social media to drive engagement and improve search engine optimization (SEO).

Example: They could use the “Customize for Each Post” feature to create channel-specific posts, summarizing the blog on LinkedIn with a professional tone, crafting an engaging teaser on Twitter, and a visual infographic post on Instagram.

Localized Marketing Campaigns:

Usage Case: A multinational brand wants to run a marketing campaign that resonates with local audiences across different regions.

Example: They could create Facebook posts tailored to different geographic locations’ cultural nuances and language preferences, using the character limit to their advantage to craft compelling local narratives.

Event Promotion Across Channels:

Usage Case: An event management company promoting a global conference across various social media platforms.

Example: On LinkedIn, they might provide detailed information about speakers and sessions within 3,000 characters, while on Twitter, they would share timely updates and engage with attendees, and on GMB, focus on location-based promotion.

Influencer Collaboration and Brand Partnerships:

Usage Case: A beauty brand collaborating with influencers wants to create co-branded content across multiple channels.

Example: They could use Instagram to showcase video tutorials within 2,200 characters, LinkedIn for behind-the-scenes company insights, and Twitter for quick shoutouts and engagement with fans.

How to use this feature?

Navigate to the Marketing Section:

  • Select the “Marketing” tab from the sidebar menu.
  • Click on the “Social Planner” option.
  • Click on New Post:

Click on the “Create New Post” button.

Choose to Customize for Each Channel:

To get the customization option to appear, you need to select multiple social media channels, such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, GMB (Google My Business), etc.

After choosing your preferred social media platforms for posting, you’ll find the option to activate customization for each channel by toggling it on.

By toggling this on, you can create unique content for each platform, considering their individual character limitations.

Craft Your Custom Content:

Write your content for each channel, making sure to adhere to the specific character limits for each platform (e.g., 5,000 for Facebook, 280 for Twitter, 1,500 for GMB, etc.).

Character Limits of Various Social Media Channels

Here’s a table that indicates the character limits for different social media channels, an essential factor in using the “Customize for Each Post” feature:

ChannelCharacter limit
Facebook pages & groups5,000
Instagram profiles2,200
Twitter profiles280
LinkedIn pages & profiles3,000
GMB (Google My Business)1,500

You can view and edit the content for different channels separately, ensuring that each post aligns with the platform’s character limit and audience preferences.

Add Media (Optional):

You can add images, videos, or other multimedia elements to enhance your post if applicable.

Leverage Content AI (Optional):

If you want to utilize AI for content creation, you can do so at this stage to generate new words or adapt the content size based on the type of social media.

Schedule or Post Immediately:

Once you’ve crafted the content for each channel, you can post it immediately or schedule it later.

Confirm and review all details to ensure accuracy and consistency across platforms.

Please Note: 

Disabling the customization toggle will result in the active social content being applied across all selected channels, accompanied by a caution about potential loss of customized content.

By adhering to these guidelines, you can leverage the “Customize for Each Post” functionality to craft bespoke and channel-specific content across various social media platforms, amplifying your outreach and interaction. It presents a streamlined approach to overseeing varied campaigns and customizing messages to resonate with the distinct audience of each platform.


Q: How should I handle content surpassing the character limit on a particular platform?

A: Adjust your content to fit within the platform’s character constraints. Usually, the platform offers warnings or cues if content exceeds the permissible character count.

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