How to Add Watermark to every image you post on Social Media with GoHighLevel

A watermark typically refers to a discernible, sometimes translucent, graphic or text overlayed onto a digital file, be it an image or document.

The act of watermarking content on social platforms serves myriad objectives, with diverse motivations guiding individuals or enterprises towards this practice. Below, we delve into the various rationales behind watermarking:

1. Ownership and Copyright Protection: Watermarks can be used to assert ownership and protect the copyright of the content. By including a watermark with a username, logo, or other identifying information, it becomes more difficult for others to claim the content as their own.

2. Brand Recognition: For businesses and content creators, watermarks can serve as a form of branding. Placing a logo or a brand name on images helps in building brand recognition. This can be particularly important for marketing and establishing a consistent online presence.

3. Deterrence Against Unauthorised Use: Watermarks act as a deterrent against unauthorised use of images. Potential infringers may be less likely to use or share content that is clearly marked with someone else’s branding or identification.

4.Professionalism: Watermarks can add a level of professionalism to the content. This is especially important for photographers, artists, and other creatives who want to showcase their work in a polished manner.

5. Promotion and Marketing: Watermarks can be used strategically for promotional purposes. For example, a watermark might include a website URL, social media handle, or a hashtag related to a campaign, directing viewers to the creator’s online presence or a specific promotion.

6. Personalisation and Artistic Expression:Some individuals may use watermarks as a means of personalization and artistic expression. The design and placement of can be a creative element that enhances the overall visual appeal of the content.

How to create Review Automation in Social Planner?

  • 1. Go to Marketing > Social Planner
  • 2. Click on settings of Social Planner

  • 3. In different tabs, go to the tab of Watermark.

  • 4. There is button of Add Watermark

Please be advised that a watermark will automatically be applied to all social media content. Images and videos will have a watermark added upon upload, as our platform currently only supports one watermark per post.

  • User can add the name of watermark
  • User can add the alignment of watermark – Top, bottom, right, left, center
  • Opacity can be added to the watermark.
  • User can scale – resize the watermark image.
  • There is an option of auto padding – adding more space around the logo.

  • 5. By default, watermark will be added to all the posts – image or videos. In the advanced settings, we provide the option to turn off the watermark.

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