How To Add Hyperlinks to Websites And Funnels for GoHighLevel

How To Add Hyperlinks to Websites And Funnels

If you want to link from one page to another (not using the Navigation Menu), hyperlinks are one of the best ways to do this

Step 1: Navigate to Sites and choose a Funnel or Website.

Step 2: Click the edit icon for the page you wish to edit.

Step 3: In the website builder, click to highlight the text you wish to create a hyperlink for. A small menu will appear by the cursor. Choose the hyperlink logo, and enter the hyperlink you wish to use, beginning with http://

Step 4: Press enter to update the link.

Step 5: Click Save in the top right, and the hyperlink will be saved.

Step 6: You can hover over the hyperlink to view the link that viewers will be redirected to.

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