Mastering Automated Notifications: Email and SMS Alerts for New Leads in GoHighLevel

Guidance on dispatching internal notifications within workflows:

Set up a new workflow:

Click on Start from scratch

Click on Create workflow

Click on Add New Workflow Trigger

Once you configured the workflow trigger:

Click on Add your first Action

Click on Send Internal Notification

Choose the type of notification:

Email notification

Internal notification:

SMS notification

Rate limiting on Workflow Notifications

We have added Rate Limiting for Internal Notification action of workflows.

The current rate limits are

  • 500 notifications / 5mins for each user (Per workflow)
    • In the case of email, its 500 notifications per 5 mins, per user email
    • In the case of SMS, its 500 notifications per 5 mins, per user’s phone
    • In the case of in-app notifications, its 500/5 mins per user Id

We will skip any notifications that are sent after breaching this limit.

Why was this done, and how will this help?

  • Because no limit was enforced, there were several updates made to a specific conversation of a user.
    • Let’s say you put 300k contacts into a workflow
    • And in the internal notification you are sending a mail to a particular user (in most cases we have seen customers set up to send a notification to themselves)
    • Now this particular user mail will get 300k emails.
    • Because of this, the conversation of this user will be updated 300k times, within a few seconds/minutes.
    • This introduced an overall delay in processing workflow actions.

Effective rate-limiting is crucial for controlling these occurrences and preventing customers from sending large volumes of emails to specific users.

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