Assign To User Trigger in GoHighLevel

Activate the “Assign To User” trigger to designate Contact allocation to a specific User, tailored to criteria you define.

Only Apply To Unassigned Contacts

An essential aspect to consider is the toggle labeled “Apply exclusively to unassigned contacts.” When this option is deactivated, and the trigger activates for a contact already assigned to a user, it will replace the previous assignment.

Single User Assignment

If you select just one User from the “Select User” dropdown, the Contact associated with the trigger condition will be assigned that specific User every time the trigger fires.

Round-Robin Assignment

When you choose multiple users from the dropdown menu, the trigger will cycle through them, evenly distributing contacts. For instance, if you pick Tom and Jane, the first activation assigns the contact to Tom, the next to Jane, then back to Tom, and continues this alternating pattern.

Weighted Round-Robin Assignment

When you select more than one user, you’ll see that a dropdown option appears under the label “Split Traffic”. By default, it is set to split the traffic equally as described in the example above. If you change the dropdown to “Unevenly”, however, you will see several more fields appear, giving you the option to weight the distribution of the leads unevenly, according to the value you enter next to each person’s name.

The value you enter indicates how many leads should be assigned to that user before moving on to the next user.

In the depicted situation, upon the initial trigger activation, the contact would be designated for Chase. Subsequent triggers 2 through 4 would allocate leads to David. Following this, triggers 5 through 9 would route leads to Ian, with the process returning to Chase on the 10th trigger activation.

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