Email and Phone Number Mapping In Triggers for GoHighLevel

Email and Phone Number Mapping In Triggers

This tutorial will provide you with a walkthrough on email and phone number mapping from a customer reply, using triggers. Perhaps you have a SMS or email campaign, and a customer writes back to you with a lengthy reply, but you just want to capture their email address or phone number. You wouldn’t want all the text of their reply to be mapped into the email or phone field of their contact record. Because you care about capturing their email address or phone number so you can communicate with them, this trigger functionality is designed to search the message and pull just the email address and/or phone number, and map it into the field appropriately. This will help you compile better information for your contacts.

Step 1: Create Your Trigger

  • Navigate to Triggers and you’ll set something up like this.
  • Define the filters however you’d like.
    • NOTE: You may want to define the filter specifically to a particular campaign so this doesn’t fire off all the time. Customize this however makes most sense for your business.
  • For Part 1 set up the event to trigger automation as as Customer Replied. This will trigger the rule.
  • For Part 2, the action on the right hand side, set it up up to map the email and/or phone number from the message body, into the appropriate field in their contact record with the 2 defined filters “Email” and “Phone” with {{ message.body }} typed in (no spaces.)

Step 2: How to Apply This Trigger

You can use this functionality based on several filters in the campaign, to set it up in a way that makes best sense for your business. Maybe you want to filter by a specific campaign, reply channel, or only contacts with a specific tag associated to their record. Set the filter(s) however you need.

If you’re wondering how to apply this to your business, perhaps you send an SMS campaign to leads you only have a phone number for, in an attempt to capture email address information. You could send a SMS that states “Hey it’s me, I want to send you a free download. What’s your email address?” And the contact would reply with something like “Hey thanks, it’s [email protected]” or “it’s [email protected]. I look forward to getting the free download!” This trigger will pull just the email address [email protected] into Sally’s contact record. This is just one example of the many ways you can use this feature!

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