Optimal Image and Video File Sizes and Dimensions for the Social Planner for GoHighLevel

Optimal Image and Video File Sizes and Dimensions for the Social Planner

When creating social media posts and marketing campaigns, it is important to understand the image and video formats and sizes, to ensure you are maximizing your use of the system. Below are some details on the optimal sizes for sharing images on social media. 

NOTE: Multimedia format is defined as posting image(s) and video(s) together in a single post. 


FormatMax File SizeDurationAspect RatioNo. of Video(s)MultiMedia
Facebook Pages and GroupMP4 MOV1 GB1 sec – 20 minsBetween 16:9 and 9:161 VideoNot Allowed
InstagramBusiness ProfileMP4 MOV100 MB3 – 60 secBetween 4:5 and 16:910 VideosMultimedia format is allowed for carousel- can add image(s) and video(s) together
LinkedIn Profile and PagesMP4 MOV200 MB3 sec – 30 minsBetween 1:2.4 and 2.4:11 VideoNot Allowed
GMBNot Allowed


FormatMax File SizeAspect RatioNo. of ImagesMultiMedia
Facebook Pages and GroupPNG JPG GIF10MBRecommended to keep the Width*Height – 1280 x1080 and Minimum600 x 315 pixelsUnlimited Image(s) – Recommend to post 10 Image(s) or lessNot Allowed
Instagram Business ProfilePNG JPG8MBSquare, or between 1.91:1 and 4:5Landscape: 1080 x 566 pixelsPortrait: 1080 x 1350 pixelsSquare: 1080 x 1080 pixels10 ImagesMultimedia format is allowed for carousel – can add image(s) & video(s) together.
LinkedIn Profile and PagesPNG JPG GIF8MBMaximum6012 pixels x 6012 pixels9 ImagesNot Allowed
GMBPNG JPG10MBMust be greater than Width*Height – 250*2501 ImageNot Allowed

Pro Tips:

  • Various sizes and types of images work for different things. Two β€˜go-to’ sizes are:
    • Vertical/portrait: 800 pixel x 1,200 pixel
    • Horizontal/landscape: 1,024 pixel X 512 pixel

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