Voicemail Drop FAQs (GoHighLevel)

How does a voicemail drop function?

The process involves initiating a phone call to the contact’s listed phone number and promptly disconnecting it, immediately placing a second call. This technique aims to redirect the phone off the network, causing the second call to be directed to voicemail. This is the primary operating principle behind all voicemail drops.

It’s important to note that carriers do not actively support or endorse voicemail drops; it is considered a workaround solution. Therefore, the reliability and success rate of voicemail drops are not guaranteed. On average, voicemail drops have a reliability rate of approximately 70%.

Sometimes, you may encounter limitations or issues with voicemail drops, such as their inability to work effectively on mobile phones. Occasionally, you might experience situations where you answer the phone and hear the voicemail message. These imperfections are inherent to voicemail drops, as they are not flawless technology. Despite their 70% effectiveness, voicemail drops can still be utilized successfully in a campaign. Challenges arise primarily due to the nature of the voicemail drop itself.

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