A Comprehensive Guide to A2P 10DLC Registration Campaign Use Cases via GoHighLevel

Below are tables presenting the types of campaign use cases eligible for registration within the United States A2P 10DLC framework. It’s important to be aware of the maximum limits for campaigns per use case outlined in the current regulations.

  • 100 for NonProfit and Government Brands
  • 200 for Private and Public Profit Brands

Standard Campaign Use Cases

Below is a comprehensive list detailing the standard campaign use cases set to debut upon the launch of registration for US A2P.

Table 1: List of standard campaign use cases

Campaign use case(registered on your Messaging Service)Description
2FAAny authentication or account verification such as OTP
Account NotificationsNotifications about the status of an account or related to being a part of an account
Customer CareSupport, account management, and other avenues of customer interaction
Delivery NotificationsInformation about the status of a delivery
Fraud Alert MessagingMessaging about potential fraudulent activity such as spending alerts
Higher EducationMessage campaigns from colleges, universities, and other education institutions
MarketingPromotional content such as sales and limited time offers
MixedA campaign that covers multiple use cases such as Customer Care and Delivery Notifications.  Note – mixed campaigns are likely to have lower throughput and a higher cost per message.
NOTE: Low-Volume Brands are eligible for the Low-Volume Mixed use case detailed below. 
Polling and votingFor conducting polling and voting, such as customer surveys. Not for political use.
Public Service AnnouncementPSAs to raise audience awareness about a given topic
Security AlertNotification of a compromised system (software or hardware related)

Special Campaign Use Cases

Carriers often categorize certain scenarios as “Special,” imposing distinct prerequisites and sometimes varied charges. Such instances encompass Charity/501(c)(3) Nonprofit, Emergency Services, and Political applications, among others.

Low-Volume Use Cases

Apart from the typical “Mixed/Marketing” scenario, there exists a distinct Campaign application known as “Low Volume Mixed.” This alternative accommodates various use cases just like the standard Campaign, yet it offers a reduced monthly fee and is set at the lowest throughput tier, irrespective of your Trust Score.

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