How to Change the Currency Type for GoHighLevel

How to Change the Currency Type

If you want to bill for your products in a particular currency type, you might want to modify the currency settings in your system. By default, your company’s Business Info establishes the currency.

Suppose you are situated in the US; in that case, the default currency will be USD. However, if you want to price your products in Canadian dollars, you must modify your Business Info country to Canada, add your item and then switch back to the US as your location country.

Here are some easy-to-follow instructions for modifying your country:

  • To access the Company Address section, go to Settings, then click on Business Info.
  • In this section, you will find the “Country” field, where you can pick an alternative option from the drop-down menu if you want to modify it.
  • Click โ€œUpdate Addressโ€ to save any changes.

Valuable Pointers:

  • Even if you change your company’s country, the currency that you used to create a product will remain unchanged within the system.
  • A customer can only be charged using a single currency, which implies that they cannot buy products in both USD and CAD. If they try to do so, they will receive an error message.
  • To remain organized, generate multiple products, one for each currency, and label them accordingly. For instance, you can name them as PRODUCT A-USD, Product A-CAD, Product B-USD, Product B-CAD, etc.

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