Using The DND Feature for GoHighLevel

Using The DND Feature

The DND (Do Not Disturb) function permits you to retain Contact details while respecting their communication preferences. In some cases, Contacts may opt-out of certain communications but you may still want to keep their information. You can choose to enable or disable DND manually for specific communication channels or all channels within your system based on a Contact’s preferences.

By using the DND feature, you can avoid annoying your contacts who don’t wish to be disturbed and keep their information in your records. Additionally, respecting your contact’s communication preferences may reduce the chance of your emails or SMS communications being marked as spam. This will help your future communications from your system to run smoothly.

To enable or disable the DND feature, you can do it manually for a contact or allow them to self-enable it by unsubscribing. Here are the steps to learn how to enable or disable DND, along with some useful tips:

Step 1: Enabling or disabling DND for a Contact Record

  • Find a Contact Record by scrolling through the “Contact” section located on the left-hand side.
  • In the “DND” section, there are options to select all channels or specific channels that you use to communicate with your contacts, such as Email, SMS, FB Messenger, and others.
  • Simply tick the relevant box(es) to activate the DND according to your preference and save the contact information.

Pro Tips for Using the DND Feature: The DND functionality can be programmed for various applications.

  • You have the option to generate and utilize an unsubscribe hyperlink (refer to our guide on unsubscribe hyperlinks) that can be added to your email or SMS messages.
  • You have the ability to establish keyword prompts for a response channel to activate the DND feature. For instance, if a person responds with “Stop” or “Opt Out” to a Facebook Messenger message, SMS, or GMB message, they will be added to the DND list.
  • You can program Workflow procedures to initiate when the DND feature is turned on or off.

NOTE: In case a contact record opts out of receiving communication from your system, the DND feature will be activated for all channels by default (e.g., if they unsubscribe from email, they will be unsubscribed from all channels). If they indicate that they still wish to receive messages via specific platforms, you can manually adjust their DND status for each channel by selecting the checkboxes, and re-enable communication on those channels.

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