What Is The Manual Call Event And How To Use It for GoHighLevel

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When the Manual Call Event occurs, a queue is generated. This queue can be accessed by someone who has logged into the system, allowing them to see a list of calls and use the call function to make calls from that list.

StepΒ  1: Create a Manual Call Campaign

  • You can either create a new campaign or access an existing one. Then, select “Add Event” and opt for the ‘Manual Call’ option.
  • Activate the campaign.

Step 2: How to Test the Manual Call Campaign

  • Generate a test contact record with your personal details, or access an existing test contact record.
  • Next, include this test contact in the campaign.
  • Access Contacts > Manual Actions, and select “Let’s Start” located at the top-right corner of the screen. The system will initiate a call to your test contact.
  • As the call will be originating from a browser, it may be necessary for you to click on “allow microphone” in order to activate the relevant permissions on your computer. Once the call has ended, you can choose the call outcome from the options displayed below:

Step 3: Using the Manual Call Campaign

  • Now that you have carried out a successful test of the manual call campaign with yourself, you can include more contacts in this campaign. This can be achieved using a tag, trigger, or the Bulk Actions feature available in the Contact section.

NOTE: If you possess an extensive list and want to take a break, you can select the “Let’s Start” button, which will pause the sequence. Before the next call is made, there is a 5-second countdown.

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