Sending a Regular Email Campaign in GoHighLevel (Immediate or Scheduled) – Step-by-Step Guide


In Email Marketing, a regular email refers to sending an email immediately or scheduling it to be sent to many recipients. When creating a standard email, you can choose a template, customize the content, and determine the settings for recipients and delivery methods (Send Now or Schedule).

Note: Before sending an email, it is essential to ensure that you have a verified domain for sending emails.

To initiate the creation of a regular email, kindly follow these steps:

Step 1: Access the Marketing tab within the platform. 

Step 2: Click on the Email option. 

Step 3: Look for the Create Campaign button and click on it to proceed.

The next step is to choose the desired email template for your marketing email campaign. You will have the option to preview the template before finalizing your selection.

After selecting the email template, you will be taken to the builder interface to design your content and incorporate essential elements for your campaigns. Whether you have the expertise or are new to email marketing, the Email Builder provides tools to create visually appealing campaigns.

The Email Builder is designed to allow you to work on various components of your email in any order you prefer. Once you have completed your design, you can review everything at once before sending it out. To proceed, you need to click on either the Send button for immediate delivery or the Schedule button to set a specific time for sending the email.

Pre-sending Checklist: To ensure a successful email send, please follow these steps:

  1. In the To section, add your recipients by selecting the desired email address(es) or smart list (s).
  2. In the From section, include your email address.
  3. Optionally, add your name in the Name section.
  4. Provide a subject line in the Subject section.
  5. Optionally, include preview text in the Preview section.

Completing these checklist items will prepare you to send your email.

Next, you must choose between the “Send Now” or “Simple Schedule” options for the delivery method. If you opt for the “Schedule” option, you will be prompted to specify the date and time for sending the email. Please note that the email will be sent based on the timezone of the designated location.

Note: You will have the option to delete or reschedule the email campaign. If you wish to reschedule the campaign, simply click the “Reschedule” option and specify the new date and time. Please be aware that rescheduling will not be permitted within one hour of the original sending time. For instance, if the scheduled date is 11 AM EST, you can reschedule the campaign until 10 AM EST.


Q: Can I reschedule an Email Campaign? 

A: Yes, you can reschedule the Email Campaign as long as it is done at least one hour before the scheduled execution date and time.

Q: Can I send the campaign via both URL and email? 

A: Yes, a preview will be available in the Statistics section, and you can send a test email to check the preview. However, test or preview emails will not include an unsubscribe option.

Q: What if I deleted or processed an email campaign incorrectly? Can I restore the older version? 

A: You can restore the older version by accessing the three dots menu in the edit campaign interface. From there, select the See Version History option to restore previous campaign versions.

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