Pausing and Resuming a Campaign for GoHighLevel

Pausing and Resuming a Campaign

At any time, campaigns can be halted and restarted by alternating between the published and draft modes. When a campaign is paused, its actions will cease until it is republished.

Step 1: Select the campaign you want to halt by clicking on it.

Step 2: At the top right, select “Published” and change it to “Draft”. This will stop the campaign, and the status of anyone in the campaign will show as “Paused”.

(To verify this, go to the number of leads in the campaign and in the center column, check for the “Status” section where you should see “Paused”.)

Step 3: To restart the campaign, follow Steps 1 and 2 again, but switch from “Draft” to “Published”. This will reactivate the campaign.

NOTE: When you reactivate the campaign, anyone who was already in it will continue from where they left off, and any scheduled time delays will still be in effect. (For instance, suppose a lead was paused in the campaign after completing Step 1. If Step 2 of the campaign is sending an email after a 60-minute delay, the countdown of 60 minutes will resume from where it was when the campaign is reactivated.)

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