How To Customize The From Email Address Configuration in Campaigns for GoHighLevel

How To Customize The From Email Address Configuration in Campaigns

There are multiple methods to conceal or impersonate your email within the system. Masking your email enables emails transmitted from the system to originate from a chosen email address. For instance, if your SMTP configuration has a generic company email like [email protected], but you wish for a campaign to send emails from [email protected] or a user’s email address, follow these steps to learn how:

Step 1: Masking Your Email In Campaign Configuration

  • Open an existing campaign or generate a new one.
  • Expand the Campaign Configuration menu and input the desired email address into the “From Address” box and the desired name into the “From Name” box.

Step 2: Masking Your Email Through Assigning A User

  • Remove any information you previously entered in the “From Email” and “From Name” fields.
  • In the Campaign Configuration menu, insert a user and save the changes.
  • This method of masking your email will take precedence over any other configurations and will guarantee that the communication appears to come from the assigned user to the lead. By designating numerous users, leads will be evenly distributed to each user.

NOTE: If you perform a test and receive an email with content that resembles the image displayed above, the VIA is connected to your email settings. To obtain additional information on this topic, take a look at our other articles concerning email.

Deliverability Troubleshooting: If you experience issues with email deliverability, we suggest that you refer to our Help Library article about domain settings. Certain domains may prevent or mark emails as spam if the email addresses originate from distinct domains.

  • In case your domain is configured with a Gmail email such as [email protected], and you modify a campaign to send from a different Gmail address like [email protected], there’s a chance that it can be classified as spam.
  • Also, if you change the campaign to send from a Yahoo or Outlook address like [email protected], it might not be received.

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