How To Include Email Signatures On All Outgoing Messages for GoHighLevel

How To Include Email Signatures On All Outgoing Messages

This tutorial will guide you on how to attach your email signature to all outgoing messages and also to include it before the quoted text in email replies. You will be able to learn how to choose either or both of these options.

Step 1: Navigate to Settings > My Staff > Team Management.

Step 2: Choose the User you wish to edit and click Edit.

Step 3: In the popup, expand the User Info tab.

Step 4: Scroll to Email Signature.

  • To customize your email signature, you can select either or both of the two checkboxes located above the “Email Signature” section based on your preferences.
  • After that, you can make changes to the signature by using the customization box.
  • Save to confirm your changes.

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