How to offer WordPress in GoHighLevel as a reseller to your clients


Integration of Agency Stripe Account

To facilitate subscription payments for WordPress hosting from your clients, you need to link your agency Stripe account to your agency. You can complete this process by referring to the following guide: How to Connect Stripe to Your Agency Dashboard.

Choosing Your Plan

When selecting a plan, you have two options: pay-as-you-go and unlimited (available monthly or annually). To make your choice, navigate to the reselling screen in the left menu of your Agency dashboard.

There are three plans available:

  1. Pay-as-you-go Plan: This plan entails a monthly subscription fee of $10 per site. You have the flexibility to set your reselling price.
  2. Unlimited Monthly Plan: For $350 per month, you gain access to unlimited sites. Similar to the pay-as-you-go plan, you can determine the reselling price.
  3. Unlimited Annual Plan: Priced at $3500 annually, this plan also provides unlimited site access. As with the other plans, you can set your reselling price.

Determining Your Sales Price

To establish your agency-wide offer, you can configure it by accessing the reselling tab in the left menu of your Agency dashboard.

Customizing Offers for Specific Clients

Suppose you desire to provide a different pricing rate to specific clients. In that case, you can easily accomplish this by navigating to the Account List, searching for the desired client, and viewing their details.

Disabling Offers for Specific Clients

Suppose there are specific clients for whom you want to avoid offering WordPress. In that case, you can disable this option by accessing the Agency Left Menu, going to the list of accounts, searching for the specific client’s location, viewing the details, and toggling off the Offer WordPress option.

Please be aware that you can only disable this offer before completing the sale. Once a location has purchased WordPress, it cannot be disabled from this section.

What is the client experience like?

How do clients become aware of this feature?

Your clients can become aware of your WordPress offer through three different channels:

  1. Top bar notification banner: This is a one-time notification that appears and can be dismissed. Once dismissed, it will no longer be visible to the client.
  2. LaunchPad item: The WordPress offer will be featured in the LaunchPad section, making it easily discoverable for clients.
  3. Location left menu > Sites > WordPress: Clients can also access the WordPress offer by navigating to the WordPress section within the Sites menu on the left-hand side of the platform.

How do clients finalize the purchase?

After your clients have found and decided to proceed with the WordPress feature, they can complete the purchase by clicking on the Get Started button.

When your client clicks the Continue button, the system automatically generates the subscription, processes the payment, and redirects them to the WordPress dashboard.

When your client purchases WordPress, the billing process involves the creation of two subscriptions in the system:

  1. A subscription between your client’s card and your Stripe Account, allows you to collect payment from your clients.
  2. A subscription between HighLevel and your card, enabling you to pay $10 per month to HighLevel (or $0 per month if you have opted for an unlimited plan).

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