What To Do If Your RSS Email Body Is Showing HTML Tags in GoHighLevel

What To Do If Your RSS Email Body Is Showing HTML Tags

Within the Email Builder, you may be using the RSS Header or RSS Item elements. These are files that are read easily by a computer (XML files) that automatically update information across sites. They are useful for blogs and other sites if you want to pull information from a site into an email.

Sometimes there can be an error with the RSS information showing as html, when you want to actually show the article title, headline, image, etc. What this means is something has “escaped”. This is called “HTML-escaped”. For example, maybe you had the & symbol included in the original RSS feed, yet the output is & This means the feed has converted to plain text.

To prevent or resolve the HTML-escaped issue, you can use the “triple-stash” to surround the title or feed, meaning {{{ instead of {{ on each side. Follow these quick steps below to learn how to resolve this issue:

  • Within the email builder, click into your RSS header or item element.
  • Once it’s highlighted with the box around the element, use the menu on the left hand side to customize the RSS Editing Options.
  • From the dropdown, choose “custom”.
  • Edit the {{ to {{{
  • Save to confirm your changes.

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