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What To Do If A Page Won't Load

If you’re experiencing trouble with a page not loading, you may see a loading icon in the center of the screen. It is also possible a page just simply won’t load at all. The most common resolution for this is to clear your cache/cookies/history. The steps vary slightly depending on what web browser you’re using. Here’s steps for how to resolve in a Google Chrome browser, the most common option for users of this system. (Scroll down for some Safari troubleshooting tips.)

Step 1: Clear Your Site Data.

  • Right-click on the screen.
  • Select “Inspect” > “Application”.
  • (You may need to click the >> to view “Application”).
  • Choose “Storage” from the menu.
  • Click the “Clear Site Data” button

Step 2: Clear Your Cookies.

  • Click the lock icon next to the url of the page (in this example we use google.com but you’ll want to use the actual page that isn’t loading)
  • Select “Cookies”.
  • Click the “Remove” button in the popup window that appears.

Step 3: Do a hard refresh of the web browser.

  • On a PC, use the command Control + F5.
  • On a Mac, use the command Command + R.

Step 4:  Reset Chrome Flags.

  • If the hard refresh of the web browser still didn’t work, enter this into your search bar: chrome://flags/
  • When the page loads, reset all to default.
  • Then do another hard refresh the browser.

To clear your cache in Safari, follow these steps:

Step 1: Click the “Safari” drop-down menu.

Step 2: Select “Preferences”. Click on the “Advanced” tab.

Step 3: Choose the “Show Develop” menu in menu bar checkbox, and then close the Preferences window.

Step 4: Choose the “Develop” drop-down menu.

Step 5: Click “Empty Cache”.

Step 6: Refresh your web browser.

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