Save, Draft and Publish Funnels and Websites in GoHighLevel

Experience the enhanced functionality of Funnels and Websites, featuring a robust capability enabling you to effortlessly save drafts and publish multiple versions of your live funnels and websites. Empowering you with unparalleled flexibility and control, this feature revolutionizes your content creation and publishing journey.

Save Drafts

Introducing the ability to craft and preserve drafts of your funnels or websites prior to publishing. This innovative feature fosters a dynamic and collaborative content creation environment, allowing for iterative improvements. Rest assured, your progress remains secure, enabling you to revisit and refine it at your convenience without disrupting the live site.

How to use:

Start creating or editing your content as usual.

Use the “Save” option to save your work in progress as a new version.


Now you can choose which version of your funnel/website to publish to live sites. This ensures that only the finalized and approved content reaches your audience, minimizing the risk of errors and streamlining the publishing process.

Click “Publish” to make the chosen version live on your site.

Note: Publishing directly without saving will publish all the changes from the last published version. 

Attach Domain from Builder

You can now attach a domain to the funnel when the page is published, even if the funnel is not initially connected to any domain.

Should your funnel lack a domain connection, upon hitting the publish button, you’ll receive a prompt to link a domain through the newly introduced domain attachment popup within the builder interface. Once the domain is successfully linked, your version will be published automatically.

Publish from Versions List

Access the “Versions” tab to view and manage different versions of your content.

Select any version of the page and publish it directly from the versions section without the need to restore it.

A new Live tag is displayed in the versions list, indicating the published version being served as the live site version.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: What happens to existing sites with no published version?

A: Existing pages will work without any changes. If there is no published version (Live) found, the latest version (Current version) will be served.

Q: What happens when you clone or import funnels from snapshots?

A: These features are not affected by the new feature; they work as expected currently.

Q: Is there a limit to the number of versions a page can have?

A: Yes, a page can have a maximum of 30 versions. If the user saves more drafts, older versions will be deleted. If an older version about to be deleted is the Live version, the next version will be deleted instead.

Q: Can I collaborate with different team members using this feature?

A: Absolutely! The Save Draft and Publish feature enables collaborative efforts by allowing team members to save drafts and publish changes only when they are ready.

Q: How do I attach a domain to my funnel or website from the builder?

A: If your funnel is not connected to any domain, on clicking publish, you will be prompted to attach a domain in the newly introduced domain attach popup in the builder. Once the domain is connected, the version will be published.

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