How To Build, Manage and Use Manual Actions in Campaigns for GoHighLevel

How To Build, Manage and Use Manual Actions in Campaigns

Manual Actions are tasks added to your system in the form of a queue. They become available in a user’s account and are marked as complete once the user manually completes a task. To create and manage manual actions, follow the steps below.

Step 1: Create a Campaign

  • Navigate to Campaigns
  • Click + Create Campaign
  • Type in a Campaign Name.
  • Choose a folder where the campaign will be added from the dropdown.
    • NOTE: You may also edit an existing campaign instead of creating a new one.

Step 2: Set up the Campaign Configuration

  • Select Campaign Configuration to add information such as:
    • Window – Configure when the Campaign will run
    • Users – Assign users to campaign
    • Next campaign – Campaign that is next in the pipeline
    • From address – Shows from address 
    • Lead Value – $ value of lead
    • Tags – Tags assigned to campaign
    • Multiple Allow – Allows campaign visitors to visit the same or next campaign in the pipeline multiple times
    • Stop on Response – Stops all subsequent events in the case a lead responds to campaign
    • Event Start Date – Choose when the campaign will begin
  • Save to confirm your changes.

Step 3: Add an Event

  • Click on + Add Event
  • Click on Manual SMS or Manual Call for an event.
  • For a Manual SMS:
    • Type SMS name
    • Select template if needed
    • Custom Values – Select values from the drop down to be added to your SMS message
    • Trigger Links – Provide links to triggers created in your account
    • In the text box you may type out the SMS you want sent out
    • Custom Time – Toggle Custom time to on if you’d like the SMS to be sent out at a specific day and time
    • Attach file – Files such as logos can be added here
    • Add File Through URL – Add link here
  • You can test your message by entering a number and clicking on Send Test.
  • Click Save once you have the desired manual SMS
  • For a Manual Call:
  • This Adds manual call as a task for selected users after user is added to the campaign
  • Task is marked as complete after task is executed.
  • Save any changes you make to the campaign, and switch it from Draft to Published mode, in order for it to run.

Step 4: Accessing and Completing the Tasks/Manual Actions.

  • Once Contacts are added to the campaign(s) with manual SMS or call events, the tasks will be generated and formed into a queue you can access in the system.
  • Navigate to Contacts >Manual Actions.
  • Here you will see a list of your pending tasks/actions.
    • They can be sorted by Campaign or Assignee (if you have multiple users). Once executed, the tasks can be marked complete.

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