Configure ActiveProspect Consent Tracking on a form within GoHighLevel

To enable ActiveProspect consent tracking on a form, follow these steps: 

Navigate to Sites, select Forms, choose Builder, and then navigate to Custom Fields on the right-hand side. Scroll down, click Add Custom Field, and choose Single Line on the Text Input Category. 

Create a Custom Short Text Field named ‘xxTrustedFormCertUrl‘ and place it above the submit button by dragging the field into your form.

Access the Integrate Form tab and select a desired Layout type from the available options. Click on the Copy Form Link button. Open the form in a Chrome browser by pasting the copied form link into the browser’s address bar.

Copy and Paste this Custom Script:

<script type=”text/javascript”>

  (function() {

      var field = ‘xxTrustedFormCertUrl’;

      var provideReferrer = false;

      var invertFieldSensitivity = false;

      var tf = document.createElement(‘script’);

      tf.type = ‘text/javascript’; tf.async = true;

      tf.src = ‘http’ + (‘https:’ == document.location.protocol ? ‘s’ : ”) +

        ‘://api.trustedform.com/trustedform.js?provide_referrer=’ + escape(provideReferrer) + ‘&field=’ + escape(field) + ‘&l=’+new Date().getTime()+Math.random() + ‘&invert_field_sensitivity=’ + invertFieldSensitivity;

      var s = document.getElementsByTagName(‘script’)[0]; s.parentNode.insertBefore(tf, s); }


function trustedFormCertUrlCallback(certificateUrl) {

    document.getElementsByName(‘FORMID’)[0].value = certificateUrl; 

  document.getElementsByName(‘FORMID’)[0].dispatchEvent(new Event(“input”));




    <img src=”http://api.trustedform.com/ns.gif” />


Return to the Fields section, specifically the Standard category. Scroll down, select the HTML option, and drag and place it below the Button tab.

Click on the HTML tab, select Edit Script, and Paste the script you copied into the designated area.

Scroll down until you see the FORMID, and replace it.

Return to the tab where the form is currently open, and on the Chrome browser, right-click and choose the option to Inspect the page.

Select the mouse pointer option.

Hover over the field that we added, just above the submit button, and click.

By doing this, you can view the Form Field Name. Double-click on it and copy the alphanumeric string.

Return to the form and replace the two occurrences of “FORMID” with the string you have just copied.

Now, we want to hide this form field.

Please copy the following Custom CSS code:

.menu-field-wrap:nth-child(4) {

display: none;


Afterward, navigate back to the form and access the Styles section. From there, find the Custom CSS Dashboard and paste the copied code.

Ensure to note the position of the “xxTrustedFormCertURL” field within our form.

Paste the Custom CSS code and modify the numerical value to match the position of the field. Since mine is in the 5th position, I’ll change the value to “5”.

You can now save the form and hit refresh.

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