What’s the If/Else Conditional Event and How to Use It in Workflows for GoHighLevel

What's the If/Else Conditional Event and How to Use It in Workflows

Using the If/Else Workflow condition allows you to create different paths within a Workflow. This allows you to customize Workflows on a deeper level to enhance your business. There are numerous options for customizing the If/Else condition by adding one or multiple “and” & “or” filters to customize out the action as you need.

Perhaps you want one set of actions to happen for contacts who live in a certain geographic area, and you want a different set of actions for those in another area. Or maybe you want people with an email address to receive a series of email follow ups, and people without an email address to be scheduled for a series of call follow ups. Again, there are several options for customizing this condition in Workflows. Let’s take a look at how to set it up.

Step 1: Create a Workflow

  • Create a new Workflow or edit an existing one.
  • Set up your Workflow triggers.

Step 2: Add the If/Else Condition Event

  • Click the + to add an action to the Workflow.
  • Choose the “If/Else” condition.
  • Add one or more Segment and Operator, choosing from the dropdowns to customize the action. (In the GIF above, I set the condition so anyone with “Los Angeles” as their City, and anyone without the name Bob, would go down 1 path of the workflow. Anyone else would go down the 2nd path.)
    • NOTE: You can toggle between “And” and “Or” to decide if you want 1 or more operator to function together or independently. AND implies that both conditions must be met. OR implies any one of the conditions must be met.

Step 3: Add Additional Workflow Events

  • Once you’ve added the If/Else condition, you will see a split in the Workflow path with “Yes” and “No”. Based on the filters from your If/Else condition, contacts will go down one of the two paths, and you can customize additional events. In this example, anyone with Los Angeles as their city and not having Bob as their first name, would receive a SMS under the “Yes” path. Anyone in the “No” path would receive an email and a manual call.
  • Save and confirm any changes to your Workflow.
  • Switch it from Draft > Publish mode in order for it to function.

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