How To Use RSS Feeds in the Email Builder for GoHighLevel

How To Use RSS Feeds in the Email Builder

What is RSS? It stands for “Really Simple Syndication”, and refers to files that are read easily by a computer (XML files) that automatically update information across sites. They are useful for blogs and other sites if you want to pull information from a site into an email, etc.

You can pull RSS feeds into the Email Builder to send out in an email blast. Follow these steps:

Step 1: Create an Email Template

  • Navigate to the Email Builder
  • Create a new email template or click into an existing one
  • Drag and drop the RSS Header or RSS Items element into the builder
  • Click into the element to open the editing options in the left menu.
  • Choose “Basic” or “Custom” from the dropdown.
  • By default, “Basic” will be chosen, which is locked. Switch to “Custom” to make edits to the element.
  • Save any changes, and then proceed with your email (if you wish to send a test, save it as a template, or send out a scheduled blast, etc.)

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