Options within the Dialer for GoHighLevel

Options within the Dialer

This article will guide you through the available options when you are on an outbound call using the system.

Options Within the Dialer

After initiating a phone call from the app and connecting with the recipient, you can access several options including muting the call, opening the dialer, placing the lead on hold, performing a warm transfer, or executing a blind transfer.


  • Mute places yourself on mute. The caller on the other end will not be able to hear you, but you would still be able to hear them.


  • Dial gives you access to the dial pad. This should be used for making selections when asked for a specific number (i.e. press 1 to reach Joe Smith). 


  • Hold places the call on hold, so both you and the caller on the other end cannot hear one another.

NOTE: The call will automatically be placed on hold when a warm transfer is initiated. 

Warm Transfer

  • A warm transfer is when you call the intended recipient, inform them about the transfer, and then merge the call. You can then end the call without disconnecting it. As depicted in the screenshot, you have the option to transfer the call to a user in the account, dial a specific number, or forward it.

Blind Transfer

  • A blind transfer involves transferring the call to the intended recipient, and it will then ring their number and end the call for you. The available options for a blind transfer are the same as those for a warm transfer.

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