How to Add a Meta Tag for Google Search Console Domain Verification for GoHighLevel

How to Add a Meta Tag for Google Search Console Domain Verification

A meta tag for your Google site verification needs to be added to the ‘Default Page’ which is connected to the domain.

Step 1: Determine the Default Page

  • Navigate to Settings > Domains.
  • Click in to edit a domain so you can see which default page it is connected to.
  • Navigate to Sites and go to the page builder for the default page connected to the domain, and open Settings > SEO Meta Deta.

Step 2: Add a new Custom Meta Tag in the SEO Meta Data

  • Copy the name from within the meta tag and add it to the name field.
    • In this example, the tag is <meta name=”google-site-verification” content=”examplenumer11223344″ /> – so I will add the name: google-site-verification
  • Copy the content “examplenumer11223344” and add it to the content field
  • Save the tag, and then update meta data
  • Save the page

Your domain should now get verified successfully on the Google Search Console.

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