How to Create, Edit and Delete Custom Fields for GoHighLevel

how to add custom fields in gohighlevel

With Custom Fields, you can generate fields that are specific to each contact, containing information that pertains only to that individual. This feature allows you to supplement the Standard Fields and collect any type of data that you need.

Step 1: Create Custom Fields

  • Go to Settings > Custom Fields
  • Click “+Add Custom Field”
  • Choose from the Types of Custom Fields.

NOTE: If you have generated a custom field, it is not possible to alter its field type. Instead, you must delete the existing field and create a new one if you wish to modify the field type.

Types of Fields:

  • Text – One-line Textbox Field
  • Large Text – Multi-line Textbox Field
  • Numerical – Number Field
  • Phone – Phone Number Field
  • Monetary – Monetary Field
  • Checkbox – Multi-option Checkbox Field (multiple options can be chosen)
  • Single Options – Dropdown Option Field (only one option can be chosen)
  • Multiple Option – Dropdown Option Field (multiple options can be chosen)
  • Radio – Radio (circular) Button Option Field (only one option can be chosen)
  • Date – Date Field
  • Textbox List – Textbox List Field
  • File Upload – Allows Files to be Uploaded (or required) with submission – Files allowed include PDF, DOC/DOCX, JPG/JPEG, PNG, GIF
  • Signature – Signature Field
  • Enter the Name of the Field.
  • The Name of the Field is what you will see in the contact profile. This is also what will show on the form/survey if “Show Label” is enabled. 
  • Enter the Placeholder. Placeholder is what will show in the box (specifically for text or other manual entry fields) in a form/survey.
  • Enter any other applicable information for the field

Step 2: Utilize Custom Fields

  • To make use of your custom fields, you can drag and drop them from the Custom Fields section of the Form or Survey Builder.

NOTE: It is also possible to generate Custom Fields from within the Form or Survey Builder. However, once created, these fields cannot be permanently edited or deleted from within the Form or Survey Builder.

Step 3: Edit & Delete Custom Fields

  • To either Edit or Delete A Custom Field, navigate back to Settings > Custom Fields
  • Click on the Pencil Icon to Edit a Custom Field
  • Click on the Trash Can Icon to Delete a Custom Field

NOTE: By selecting the three horizontal lines located on the far left side of each Custom Field, you can drag and drop the fields to adjust the order in which they appear under “Additional Info” in a contact profile. Simply move the field to the desired position and release the mouse button.

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